Lipoedema Surgical Solution


Thank you for taking the first step to booking your group zoom call. During the call Dr Lekich will provide an overview of Lipoedema, as well as how our holistic protocol for diagnosis and treatment is unique.

The call is interactive and there will also be an opportunity to ask questions. You’re also welcome to leave your camera off if you prefer.

To book your spot, please complete these three steps:

  1. Complete form below and submit
  2. You will be redirected to complete payment
  3. You will be redirected to complete the patient portal

Only once you have completed all three steps we will confirm your appointment, and the zoom link will be emailed to you one day before the call.

Please note that after the group zoom call our team will get in touch to help you take the next step on your Lipoedema Journey.

Patients who wish to see our doctors in person must complete the first steps in the Lipoedema Management Pathway before a face-to-face consultation can be booked.  This includes participating in the Group Zoom Information Session and a one-on-one telehealth call with the doctor.