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“One bad day doesn’t mean it won’t get better”

What do your friends call you?


When did you first suspect you had Lipoedema?

I read something about Lipoedema in 2015 and started asking questions from then on.

What words of support or hope can you share with women living with Lipoedema?

Don’t hate yourself. You didn’t choose this disease, it chose you. Learn your own body, what triggers flare ups, your best nutrition to fuel your body and learn to love yourself because you are amazing.

What’s your best Lipoedema tip?

One bad day doesn’t mean it won’t get better. Reset and start the new day tomorrow with a positive attitude.

What’s your favourite self-care tip?

I always feel better after exercising, 99% of people are not motivated before, and even during, but once I have finished, I always feel better both physically and mentally.

What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your Lipoedema journey?

That I’m not just fat, the importance of compression and correct nutrition for my condition.

What’s something that people often don’t know about Lipoedema?

That it was out of my control, I had no way to stop myself from getting this disease. Lipoedema doesn’t start from poor health choices, it’s often hereditary and is triggered by hormones.

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