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Illawarra Lymphoedema Service

Illawarra Lymphoedema Service

  • About: Jan has extensive experience in Lymphatics, Lymphoedema/Lipoedema management, post-surgery swelling, and adhesions due to scar tissue and is highly regarded in her field as an accredited Lymphoedema practitioner and educator. Implementing the ‘early intervention management program’ indicated by the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) as best practice for lymphoedema management, Jan and her team utilise the latest technology for measurement and monitoring of fluid changes in the body. This allows for early intervention strategies to be put into place.Jan’s ability to assist you with the best-fitting garments for your individual needs is also vital for your comfort and the management of lymphoedema.

    Practioner Name: Jan Hunter

    Address: 55 Wentowrth Street, Port Kembla, NSW, 2505

    Category: Compression
    Lymphatic Pump System
    MLD Therapy
    Products and Resources
    Skin Care

    Location: New South Wales
    Regional NSW

    Contact Number: 02 4244 8244

    Email: [email protected]


    Rebate Available: Private Health (Aus & NZ)