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Wellness @ Wilston

Wellness @ Wilston

  • About: Wellness @ Wilston is a wellness clinic - we have a range of modalities such as Lymphatic compression therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy (colonics), Cryotherapy and detox far infrared sauna. This unique sequence works on detoxing the two largest elimination organs - the skin and colon, then flushing the lymphatic system and boosting the immune system with the compression therapy and cryotherapy chamber, this helps to soften the fat and reduce the swelling.

    Practioner Name: Anna Tim

    Address: 3/2 Heather Street, Wilston, Brisbane QLD 4051

    Category: Compression

    Location: Brisbane

    Contact Number: 07 3161 1645

    Email: [email protected]


    Rebate Available: Confirm upon enquiry