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Your Surgical Protocol – (updated)

Dr Lekich’s holistic, medical approach to your condition is not a cosmetic one, although aesthetic improvements follow.

We will ensure patients undergo:

  • a minimum 8 weeks of conservative management prior to surgery, supported by an Online Support Register for therapists and suppliers to the Lipoedema community
  • diagnosis and treatment are underpinned by onsite ultrasound for a complete approach to managing comorbidities such as varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), which can have a significant impact on leg swelling and pain before any lipoedema surgery, as well as avoiding bleeding and clotting
  • a test for a patent foramen ovale (PFO) with Hole in the Heart Clinic, which would have the potential to cause a fat embolism during any surgery
  • communication with their entire healthcare team.
The approach and order of surgery may be modified depending on the impact of the Lipoedema tissue. We will ensure patients undergo:

  • surgery performed using the lymph-sparing German water-assisted protocol
  • a minimally invasive technique for LipoExtraction surgery, using tiny incisions with no long scars
  • a symmetrical approach where both legs (or arms) are treated at the same time to optimise balance, function and form
  • a staged approach where the aim of surgery is completely removing all lipoedema fat from the hips all the way to the ankles (and from the arms – shoulders to wrist) so the fat does not return!
  • surgery taking place in a purpose-built, licensed hospital with overnight stay
  • surgery where specialist anaesthetists focus on twilight sedation so patients walk into recovery to assist and prevent DVT.
We will ensure patients undergo:

  • an interval between surgeries of usually 6 – 8 weeks
  • progress monitor recovery with ultrasound scans to detect DVTs and manage seromas
  • nursing observation and blood testing to facilitate recovery and to complete travel clearance forms
  • post operative flat knit compression garments and manual lymphatic drainage requirements (generally 4 – 12 months, long-term this will not be required).

Our Hospital and Safety Profile

Surgical patients will be treated to overnight stay in the boutique purpose-built Miami Private Hospital, accredited by Queensland Health. It houses a dedicated team of professionals around the clock who aid patient’s recovery. From late 2022, Miami Private Hospital will be upgrading from 2 to 8 overnight beds.

While at Miami Private Hospital, we will ensure patients undergo:

  • a caring and professional team dedicated to putting your needs first
  • the assurance of a proven track record for exceptional patient outcomes
  • the benefit of state-of-the-art technology and equipment.
Minimally Invasive

Minimally Invasive

No open surgery, small incision points for waterjet assisted treatment, no long scars.



Both legs treated at the same time, starting with the lower legs, to optimise balance, function and form following surgery.



Diagnosis and treatment are underpinned by ultrasound for a complete approach to managing your condition.


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