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Dr Chris Lekich

Medical Director
MBBS, FACP, MBA, JD Barrister at Law (Qld)

Dr Lekich has been trained by and succeeded the practices of four luminary surgeons.  Not only did they nurture Dr Lekich with the great privilege of their training, but they also entrusted their practices and their patients into his care upon their retirement.

These luminary surgeons include:

  • World pioneering microsurgeon Professor Earl Owen (AO, Legion d’Honneur) (NSW) famed with the world’s first hand transplant, double hand transplants and microsurgical vasectomy reversals;
  • Prominent vascular surgeon Dr William Campbell Snr (Qld) acclaimed for advancing modern techniques in the management of venous disease;
  • Dr Bruce Errey (Qld) pioneer of the reversible vasectomy, famed with completing over 30,000 procedures during his career; and
  • Barry Walters (Vic) providing over 30 years of service performing a highly specialised reversible vasectomies.

Dr Lekich has worked in operating theatres for over 20 years initially pursuing a career in eye microsurgery.  Inspired by his then-wife who developed a blood clot in her leg during pregnancy, he then completed formal venous and lymphatic disease training.

In his venous practice, Dr. Lekich has conservatively managed Lipoedema for over 10 years. He shifted to the surgical management of the disease once he established the purpose-built, licensed, Miami Private Hospital and training in Germany with Dr Heck.

Dr Lekich has collaborated with the world’s leading Lipoedema Surgeon, Dr Heck of Germany’s LipoClinic.  Dr Lekich has made several visits to Germany for personalised training with Dr Heck who has become his mentor and good friend.  Dr Heck has also personally spent a number of days visiting Miami Private Hospital in 2017 hosted by Dr. Lekich.  This technique of Lipo-Extraction has been perfected over 14 years, now making it available in Australia.

Apart from Dr Lekich’s extensive training in microsurgery, minimally invasive management of venous disease and Lipoedema surgery, he has a formal law degree, has been admitted to the Bar and has completed a Masters of Business Administration.

Dr Lekich is passionate about education and has established a conference and skills training centre. Further his facility is accredited by the Australasian College of Phlebology (ACP) as a training centre.  He is a fellow and active board member and past Vice President of the ACP.

He adores his three children and influencing them to be the best adults they can be. Dr Lekich commutes long distances on his bicycle in training for endurance cycling events testing his physical limits, whilst raising money for charity.

Dr Gilles Laur


Gilles is a dedicated French Medical Doctor, native from Caribbean Islands.

He attended the University of Montpellier In France, which is the oldest medical faculty in the world. During his time at the University, he ran a medical documentary program on a local TV to educate the community about health issues and demystifying ophthalmologic surgeries. He also created a radio program to reinforce communication between medical students and teachers. For 3 years, he ran the inter-universities sporting games which attracted 7,000 students.

Gilles studied his specialty in General Practice at the University of Reims, known for holying French kings and being the world producer of Champagne. He graduated with honours in  his doctorate of medicine at the University of Reims after completing a PhD on the medical demography and the impact of the medical landscape following new economic health regulation. He also validated with honours his specialisation in General Practice by finalising an essay about burn-out.

Thereafter, he moved to Australia where he had undergone a thorough training in skin cancer medicine and surgical management, which he has been practising for the last 10 years.

Seeing the impact that swollen legs and varicose veins could create in the quality of life of patients, Gilles began a new training to become a specialist in Phlebology under the guidance of Dr Anne Padburry, Dr Lisa Marks, Dr Paul Hannah and Dr Chris Lekich.  Dr Chris Lekich also mentored and provided Gilles with specialised training in Lipoedema, its management and surgery.

Dr Gilles Laur is known to lead a holistic approach of medicine aiming to take into consideration  clinical, biological, psychological and social factors relevant to the care of each patient’s illness.

Outside of medicine, he continues his artistic pursuit in jazz music, drawing, painting and martial arts, which he started when seven years old. He won several competitions in Judo and semi-professional boxing, and was one of the national French leader instructors in Wing Tsun Kung Fu

After working across Australia, Dr Gilles Laur decided to call Gold Coast home where with his family he can enjoy the sunshine and the beach lifestyle.

His other interests lie in philosophy where the primary concern is the questioning of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, ethics and truth.