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Why Have Surgery on the Gold Coast, Australia?

Our Holistic Approach

Prior to surgery, our doctors evaluate surgical readiness with a step by step holistic protocol and use it to implement a personalised approach. This protocol includes:

  • a minimum 8 weeks of conservative management prior to surgery, supported by an Online Support Register for therapists and suppliers to the Lipoedema community
  • diagnosis and treatment are underpinned by onsite ultrasound for a complete approach to managing comorbidities such as varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), which can have a significant impact on leg swelling and pain before any lipoedema surgery, as well as avoiding bleeding and clotting
  • a test for a patent foramen ovale (PFO) / hole in the heart, to avoid a stroke from a fat embolism during surgery
  • communication with your healthcare team.

Furthermore, during the recovery week post surgery, our team of vascular sonographers will examine for a deep vein thrombosis (blood clot), which may occur without symptoms. Our team are available each day for questions, and can help you feel supported and reassured away from home.

About Gold Coast, Australia

There are plenty of reasons to have your treatment on the Gold Coast, and Miami is in the heart of it.

Centred beautifully in a goldilocks zone, the Gold Coast perpetually experiences ideal weather. Meaning the photo above could have been taken any time of year.

After your recovery, take a holiday, as the Gold Coast contains robust infrastructure for international tourism, including expansive public transport, thriving bars and restaurants, and situated an hour away from Byron Bay and Brisbane.

Some patients choose to stay on the Gold Coast for months as they have all their surgeries, making the most of the idyllic lifestyle conducive to recovery, including access to healthy food, beautiful walking tracks, oceans, and mountains.

On your stay make sure to walk down Gold Coast’s iconic locations such as Currumbin Beach, catch a show at Dracula’s, or view an exhibit at the Home of the Arts.

But don’t miss out on some of the local favourites like the Hinterland or Tambourine Mountain.

Miami Private Hospital 

Lipoedema surgeries are performed at the boutique purpose-built facility Miami Private Hospital.

Accredited by Queensland Health, Miami Private Hospital ensures lipoedema surgical patients are cared for overnight under the compassionate supervision of our doctor and nursing team. From late 2022, Miami Private Hospital will be upgrading from 2 to 8 overnight beds.

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