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“Look after yourself, and treat yourself right”

What do your friends call you?

My friends call me Jodz.

When did you first suspect you had Lipoedema?

I first suspected I had Lipoedema in December 2020.

What words of support or hope can you share with women living with Lipoedema?

Just because you have this diagnosis and certain things may or may not happen to you, don’t give up!! Look after yourself, and treat yourself right. Eat the foods that are good for this disease, and love and care for yourself and know that your body is still amazing. And push through all the hard things as best as you can.

What’s your best Lipoedema tip?

Reach out and join online support groups, and share your ups and downs. Wear your compression every day.

What’s your favourite self-care tip?

Nice warm bath, and a beautiful smelling moisturiser afterwards.

What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your Lipoedema journey?

I wish I knew how expensive all the management and treatment options were. I wish I knew I wasn’t the only one that felt the way I did about my body. I can live through hard things.

What’s something that people often don’t know about Lipoedema?

Often people don’t know how much discomfort and pain I’m in. Just to do the simplest of tasks. Often people don’t know that this fluid, can’t be dieted away, or exercised away and it won’t just go away on its own. This is a disease, even though I may look overweight in areas – it’s not just fat.

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