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Case Study
Feb 10

Lipoedema Surgery – Case 6

This is an account of our patient’s journey, as shared by her Mother.  We have edited and removed significants parts of her Mother’s account due to restrictions from the Medical Board (APHRA) regarding testimonials.

When Jasmine was around eleven years old, her parents began to notice that her legs and arms were abnormally larger than other children her own age.  Despite her healthy diet and weekly sporting activities, the weight never shifted from her limbs.

As Jasmine entered her teens and became more self-conscious of her appearance, countless doctors and specialists told her that the only thing she needed to do was to change her diet and exercise more.

Jasmine had her first consultation with Dr Lekich in 2018 and it was then confirmed with a diagnosis that Jasmine was in fact suffering from Lipoedema.  She and her parents left the consultation, finally having the answers about her condition as well as knowledge about the disease.  Jasmine’s aunty had also previously been diagnosed with Lipoedema.

After twelve months of conservative management of her condition which included eating healthily, weekly manual lymphatic drainage appointments and wearing compression stockings daily, the family travelled to Queensland from Adelaide for further consultation with Dr Lekich to discuss surgical options.

After full heart and health checks, psychology appointments, and much discussion, it was finally agreed upon by all that surgery was in Jasmine’s best interest to remove the diseased fat.

Jasmine underwent bilateral surgery, performed on her lower legs by Dr Lekich in December 2019 at the age of 16 years old, during which 5.8 litres of diseased fat was removed from Jasmine’s legs.  Jasmine walked out of surgery that day and instantly felt physical and emotional relief. 

Jasmine and her family now have a thorough understanding of how to manage Jasmine’s condition, and believe that her treatments have provided her with the opportunity for a happier and healthier life.

Jasmine underwent her subsequent surgeries in July and September 2020,  and believes the surgeries changed her life for the better.  Her mother now says her confidence is growing everyday.

She recovered from the surgeries well once again, and has had just over 20.3 litres of diseased fat removed from her legs.  Jasmine is looking forward to her final surgery, which will be on her arms.


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