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Case Study
Jan 14
  • (Left Image) Pre-Surgery (Right Image) Six months Post Final Surgery

  • (Left Image) Pre-Surgery (Right Image) Six months Post Final Surgery

  • Twelve months Post-Surgery

  • Twelve months Post-Surgery

  • Twelve months Post-Surgery

Lipoedema Surgery – Case 9

Kerrie believes she may have had Lipoedema, without knowing, as early as thirty years ago.  For over twenty years doctors told her to simply ‘lose weight’.

Most recently it was even suggested for her to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

A rheumatologist pointed to her thighs and legs and stated that no one, including him, would ever be able to help Kerrie because of her size.

Kerrie was becoming reluctant to walk as it was beginning to take up too much energy, and was worried she may even end up in a wheelchair.  She was not coping with the torment of people’s comments and stares. “I thought I was doomed” she says.

After experiencing years of physical and phycological pain, at Christmas time in 2019 Kerrie made a new years resolution with herself to try and lose weight again.  It was January 2020 when someone approached Kerrie in a shopping centre and told her she could have Lipoedema.

Kerrie researched the condition online and knew straight away that she had Lipoedema.

Kerrie began Dr Lekich’s conservative management protocol in February 2020, including following a ketogenic diet.  Kerrie believes it was definitely the right diet for her, as she immediately began to see her weight drop after strictly following the plan.  The next step in Kerrie’s treatment was to undergo Lipoextraction surgery with Dr Lekich. 

Dr Lekich initially anticipated that Kerrie would need five surgeries in total, however, the process was completed after just three. 
Kerrie had 6.6 Litres of diseased fat removed from her lower legs in her first surgery, that was unable to be exercised or dieted away, in fact, just three days post-surgery, Kerrie walked 1.9km to her DVT check up.

Kerrie had three surgeries in total, with her third and final surgery on her thighs in November 2020 resulting in a further 4.8 Litres of diseased fat being removed. 

“I feel so much better now because I no longer feel I have bricks on the bottom of my legs.  My sleep has improved and even the athritic pain in my knees has decreased since the surgery.  I would never have thought my legs would look and feel so good.”

“These legs are made for walking!” Kerrie now says proudly.  “I have had such a big change to my legs and to my life!”

Now one year on from her final surgery, Kerrie continues to follow a ketogenic diet as she believes it has helped her immensely.  Kerrie says “Life is a joy now, and no longer a struggle.”

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