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“Persevere with compression it gets EASIER”

What do your friends call you


When did you first suspect you had Lipoedema?

2 years ago

What words of support or hope can you share with women living with Lipoedema??

Conservative measures help so don’t give up! You’re not alone. Your legs may be big, but they carry you everywhere. Awareness of this disease is spreading fast so hopefully the next generation won’t suffer like us, it will be caught and treated early, and hopefully paid for by Medicare.

What’s your best Lipoedema tip?

A Keto Diet, keep non-lippy fat to a minimum, it also reduces many aches and pains. Plus MLD massage.

What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your Lipoedema journey?

Persevere with compression it gets easier. Don’t fall off Keto.

What’s something that people often don’t know about Lipoedema?

The daily social judgment.

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