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Consultation & Diagnosis

After booking a group zoom, the next step is for you to prepare for your journey by completing our patient portal which includes:

  • Completing a lipoedema medical questionnaire
  • Uploading photos of affected lipoedema areas
  • Watching four informational videos

Once this preparation is complete, you will be invited to attend a Group Zoom Information Session with Dr Lekich to fast track your Lipoedema Journey with us.

The Group Zoom Information Session is your opportunity to meet Dr Lekich and hear an overview of Lipoedema, the way it is diagnosed and treated, as well as what you can do now to get started before you see the Doctor for a one-on-one consultation. The Group Zoom Information Session typically lasts for 60 to 90 minutes, and patients are welcome to hide their name and leave their camera turned off if they do not wish to be identified.

Following your group zoom call, you can choose between:

  • Conservative Management Pathway
  • Surgical Pathway
Group Zoom Information Session with Dr Lekich
Informational videos in the Patient Portal

Surgical Pathway

For patients considering a surgical solution, Dr Lekich and his team recommend a protocol to manage underlying venous disease utilising ultrasound and lymph sparing Lipoedema-Extraction surgery, so the fat does not return.

Following the Group Zoom Information Session with Dr Lekich, you will be required to undergo a telehealth appointment with one of our doctors, where you will receive an individual case summary, referrals for tests, letter to your medical team, and a conservative management plan. The goal of this telehealth call is to get your journey started with conservative management alongside our doctors, while our doctors also assess what other steps you may need to consider to become surgically ready.

Your doctor will monitor your progress via a zoom meeting, provide a treatment plan for veins (if required), and perform a transcranial doppler (TCD) to check for a ‘hole in the heart’ or Patent Foreman Ovale (PFO), which is a prerequisite for surgery.

If your doctor deems it appropriate, they will provide you with a surgical plan and quote.

The standard of surgery is minimally invasive, not requiring open surgery. The Lipoedema-Extraction surgery is a medical treatment for Lipoedema of the legs and arms, aiming to arrest the disease.

To find out more about our Lipoedema-Extraction Surgery protocol click here.

*Any surgical procedure carries risks. Patients should seek a second opinion.

Conservative Management Pathway

If you are not a surgical candidate for circumstantial or preferential reasons, Conservative Management is a great way to get started. This is a good approach if you are new to the world of Lipoedema and feel more comfortable starting with small steps to improve your symptoms and feel supported on your journey.

This step involves a telehealth call to get you started on your journey and includes receiving a diagnosis, as well as determining appropriate investigations for swollen legs or other comorbidities that may be relevant to you.

You will have a review appointment 3 – 6 months later to see how you are progressing. You can transition to the surgical pathway at any time, as your circumstances or desires change.

To find out more about our Conservative Management click here.

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