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All instructions relating to your treatment or surgeries should be taken from the Lipoedema Surgical Solution team at the time of your treatment(s).

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Lipoedema Liberation: Mindful Flow With Bianca Young – November 2023

Healing Through Creativity: Art Therapy With Elise Miller – September 2023

Where do I Start? With Dr Chris Lekich and Dr Nick Teo – June 2023

Living Your Beautiful Life With Lipoedema With Kimmi Katte and Katrina Harris – June 2023

Patient Panellist Q&A with Kristy, Anna, and Misty – June 2023

MLD Workshop With Sarah Shellard – June 2023

Movement for Lipoedema With Liz Charlton – April 2023

Preparing for Surgery With Dr Chris Lekich and Dr Nick Teo – March 2023

Conservative Management on a Budget With Kimmi Katte and Susan Butcher – February 2023

Compression for Lipoedema Workshop with Susan Butcher – February 2022

Lipoedema Pilates with Hannah Kurnadi – October 2022

Lipoedema Nutrition Workshop with Kimmi Katte – August 2022

Lipoedema Mindfulness with Cinamon Laughton – June 2022

Lipoedema Friendly Yoga with Heather Maurer – June 2022