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Lipoedema Awareness Month

What Is Lipoedema Awareness Month

June is Lipoedema Awareness Month and it is about educating both the medical community and general public about Lipoedema.  We have facilitated a number of awareness campaigns and events as part of our dedication to raising awareness for Lipoedema, helping generations of women get an early diagnosis and intervention, to avoid a lifetime of physical and psychological pain.  The more doctors, allied health professionals and general public who recognise this disease, the better care and compassion we can offer these ladies.

We recently hosted our second annual photoshoot to celebrate women with Lipoedema. Click here to find out more about our beautiful real life Lipoedema models.

As part of Lipoedema Awareness Month we are hosting the following events:


Facebook & Instagram Live with Dr Chris Lekich  – Tuesday 7th June @ 5.30pm (AEST)

Dr Lekich will be answering any questions you may have about Lipoedema, as well as treatment options in a free Q&A session streamed live via Facebook and Instagram.

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Lipoedema Friendly Yoga Class – Sunday 19th June @ 9am (AEST)

A 45-minute Lipoedema – friendly yoga class, suitable for all skill levels and hosted by Heather Maurer of Lippy Lotus Yoga.  The class will be held via zoom on Sunday 19th June at 9 am AEST. A recording will be made available for those unable to attend the class live.

Everyone welcome, invite your mum, sister, and friends!

Heather Maurer 

Heather, a Lipoedema patient herself and yoga enthusiast, says she created Lippy Lotus Yoga for her Lipoedema sisters who are searching for ‘the what’ to incorporate into their lives to encourage lymph flow, muscle strength, and a BIG dose of self love.

What to bring

Yoga mat

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Lipoedema Mindfulness Workshop – Thursday 23rd June @ 5.30pm (AEST)

A 45-minute Mindfulness workshop hosted by Lipoedema patient and rapid transformational therapist Cinamon Laughton.  Cinamon says her passion is supporting anyone who feels less than to become greater than they ever dreamed possible by tapping into the subconscious mind, healing wounds, and deleting destructive self-beliefs.  The class will be held on Thursday 23rd June at 5.30 pm via zoom, all welcome.  A recording will be made available for those unable to attend the class live.

Cinamon Laughton 

Cinamon, a rapid transformational therapist and Lipoedema patient, is the creator of Carry It Well – the Body Compassion revolution that she hopes with time will encourage everyone to embrace their chronic conditions and concentrate on celebrating their abilities.  Her workshops offer solutions for generating self esteem, self love, self confidence and most importantly self COMPASSION and forgiveness, as well as tips to overcome the “mourning” period so many women face after diagnosis – having experienced this herself.

What to bring

Notepad and a pen

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