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Girouard Centre

Girouard Centre

About: The Girouard Centre is a dedicated weight management and wellness centre. We offer individualized, comprehensive, medically supervised (non-surgical) weight management programs that have been researched and developed by Drs. Girouard since 1981. We assist patients in diagnosing lipoedema and implementing multidisciplinary treatment plans to live better with lipoedema. Periodically host in-person and online lipoedema educational events.

Address: Shop 6, 42 Silverstream Blvd, Kaiapoi, NZ, 7630

Category: Compression
Diet and Lifestyle
Exercise and Yoga/Meditation
General Practitioners

Location: New Zealand
Regional NZ

Contact Number: 03-327-2273

Email: [email protected]


Rebate Available: Private pay at time of service. Some private insurance companies will reimburse patients for the services provided.