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I Choose Health

I Choose Health

About: Megan recently presented at the Lipoedema Australia National conference, in addition to presenting at the 2020 National Lymphoedema Network conference in Boston, USA. She has presented on dietary lifestyle management for lipoedema at numerous other international events including New York, Boston and Italy. In 2019 Megan co-authored the research paper titled ‘Ketogenic diet as a potential intervention for lipedema’ published in the peer-reviewed medical journal ‘Medical Hypotheses’. Megan is the founder of I Choose Health, a global online nutrition clinic specialising in helping women with lipoedema and lymphoedema. In 2019 Megan discovered she has lipoedema and in 2020 was diagnosed with breast cancer. After successful treatment, she shares her knowledge and passion for helping women to understand how dietary and lifestyle changes can benefit many of the common symptoms associated with lipoedema. A focus on improving health with an evidence-based and holistic approach leads to Megan’s motto - “Eat Food That Loves You Back”.

Practioner Name: Megan Pfeffer

Category: Diet and Lifestyle

Location: Online

Contact Number: NA

Email: PM through website


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