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Kristin Osborn’s Newcastle Lymphoedema & Lipoedema Clinic

Kristin Osborn’s Newcastle Lymphoedema & Lipoedema Clinic

About: Kristin Osborn's clinic offers assessements, treatments, exclusive products and education for the management of Lymphoedema, Venous Disease and Pre and Post-Surgery, including a "Pre and Post Surgery Checklist"to get the best possible outcome from your surgery. Newcastle Lymphoedema and Lipoedema Clinic is the exclusive clinic for Reid Sleeve compression garments, reducing swelling and fibrosis and have their very own skincare lotion for post surgery scars. Kristin is the author of "The Lymphatic-Friendly Diet" book and a Lymphatic Nutritionist. Kristin treats many patients from her local area, across Australia, and around the world as seen in the" Worldwide Lipoedema Therapist Directory.

Practioner Name: Kristin Osborn

Address: 28 Cathrine St, Kotara South NSW 2289

Category: Compression
Diet and Lifestyle
MLD Therapy
Products and Resources
Skin Care

Location: New South Wales

Contact Number: 02 4920 7010

Email: [email protected]

Weblinks: https://www.newlymphclinic.com.au/

Rebate Available: Health Fund Rebates Available