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Living Well Moving Well

Living Well Moving Well

About: Sarah Shellard is a registered nurse (Master of Nursing) and ALA accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner, specialising in the support, treatment and management of lymphoedema and lipoedema. Sarah empowers clients by providing a holistic approach tailored to individual needs with support and education. Sarah provides Complex decongestive therapy (CDT) including manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), compression bandaging and garment fitting, pre- and post-surgical treatments, scar therapy, taping, photobiomodulation therapy and compression machine therapy.

Practioner Name: Sarah Shellard

Address: 11 Camp St Trentham, Wellington or Bowen Icon Centre, Wellington

Category: Compression
Diet and Lifestyle
Lymphatic Pump System
MLD Therapy
Products and Resources
Skin Care

Location: New Zealand

Contact Number: 02 1125 9439

Email: [email protected]


Rebate Available: Not Available