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LymphScar Occupational Therapy

LymphScar Occupational Therapy

  • About: LymphScar Occupational Therapy is a person-centred practice providing evidence-based intervention. Staffed by highly experienced Occupational Therapists, LymphScar Occupational Therapy offers kind, expert and cost-effective intervention taking into account your specific needs and preferences. We have made it our focus to understand the needs of women with Lipoedema and are delighted to be part of the WA Lipoedema community.

    Practioner Name: Rosemary Kendell

    Address: Unit 7, 2 Gemstone Boulevard CARINE WA 6020 Australia

    Category: Compression
    Lymphatic Pump System
    MLD Therapy
    Products and Resources
    Skin Care

    Location: Perth
    Western Australia

    Contact Number: 08 9246 0287

    Email: [email protected]


    Rebate Available: Yes, Medicare (Australia), Private Health (Aus & NZ)