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Oedema Institute

Oedema Institute

About: The Oedema Institute is a centre where the study of science, innovation, education, and medical expertise come together. Thanks to this synergy, patients and health professionals now benefit from the latest innovations in this field. Our purpose is to serve the community as a highly specialized hub for the treatment of oedema, including lymphoedema, lipoedema, vascular/venous oedema, and many other swelling issues. Practitioners at the Oedema Institute strive for excellence in quality care. By combining their wealth of experience with the latest & most advanced lymphoedema treatment technology, we can deliver the highest standard of care to all patients. The Oedema Institute will cover all private and government payment services: - DVA - NDIS (plan managed, self-managed) - Private health - Medicare - Care plans - Garment subsidy schemes - Payment Plans

Practioner Name: Susan Butcher (Clinical Manager), Dr. Samantha Jones (Osteopath), Amelia Chan (Physiotherapist), Eve Hongsap (Remedial massage therapist)

Address: Oedema Institute, Suite 4, M-City Medical, 2107 Dandenong Road, Clayton VIC 3168

Category: Compression
Diet and Lifestyle
Exercise and Yoga/Meditation
Lymphatic Pump System
MLD Therapy
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Skin Care

Location: Melbourne

Contact Number: 03 9641 9988

Email: [email protected]


Rebate Available: Yes