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Consultation & Diagnosis

What you can expect from your first consultation with us

We have a highly specialised team who work alongside Dr Lekich to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.  During your initial consultation we will:

  • Record your background information and measurements as well as take photos of your legs and affected areas.
  • Confirm the history and details of when you noticed your body changing and what changes and symptoms you have experienced during this time.
  • Discuss your options in regards to conservative management including flat-knit compression, dietary and lifestyle considerations and manual lymphatic draining.
  • Complete ultrasound scans of your legs to ensure there are no other underlying issues or potential complications if required.
  • Dr Lekich and his team will review the information provided, your ultrasound scans, as well as any additional information that you discuss directly with him during your consult. Dr Lekich and his team will then provide your diagnosis.
  • A report outlining the details of your condition, background information relating to the condition, and your diagnosis will be provided to you and your nominated GP, medical specialists and practitioners.
  • Dr Lekich and his team will provide you with treatment options during your consultation, which may lead to a surgical solution or a closely monitored conservative management plan.
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