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Case Study
Feb 26

Lipoedema Surgery – Case 11

Cherese is a twenty-three year old patient from Queensland, who was diagnosed with Lipoedema in 2019. She recalls feeling relieved by the diagnosis, finally there was an answer as to why the fat on her arms and legs didn’t seem to be budging, despite following a strict personal training exercise plan and losing 55kg.

Cherese had her first surgery, bilateral calves LipoExtraction, using the lymph sparing German protocol, performed on 6th January 2021.  This is something Cherese wanted for a very long time. For as long as she could remember, her legs had been noticeably larger than the rest of her body with no shape.

Cherese is proud of herself for undergoing the first of her three surgical procedures.  She believes it will not only be extremely beneficial for her physical health, but also for her mental health. She no longer suffers from constant swelling in her legs and her self esteem has blossomed.

Following her surgery, Cherese remarked to Dr Lekich that she would finally be able to see and feel all her hard work from the gym. She believes that while it won’t be a quick road to recovery, it will certainly be worth it.

Dr Lekich and his team offer all patients ongoing support in the lead up to their surgeries, as well as during their surgical recovery, and post-surgery.

Lipoedema nurse Sharon spoke to Cherese during the Christmas period to answer her questions and alleviate her nervousness.

Cherese is currently looking forward to her upcoming subsequent surgery on her thighs.

We would like to thank Cherese for courageously sharing her story and helping us bring awareness to others living with Lipoedema.

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