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Case Study
Jul 19
  • (Left Image) Pre-Surgery (Middle Image) After First Surgery (Right Image) Post Final Surgery

  • (Left Image) Pre-Surgery (Middle Image) After First Surgery (Right Image) Post Final Surgery

  • (Left Image) Pre-Surgery (Middle Image) After First Surgery (Right Image) Post Final Surgery

Lipoedema Surgery – Case 13

Amanda says she felt different her whole life and has been self-conscious about her legs since the age of twelve.  Although she lives in a warm climate, she almost always wore jeans and was never comfortable showing her legs due to the embarrassment she felt.  “I always just thought I was overweight” she says.  Although Amanda worked hard to lose twenty kilograms, her legs remained disproportionately large.

 It was a GP who first explained to Amanda that she may have Lipoedma, and suggested she try Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  Further investigation brought Amanda a sense of relief.  “I had avoided social situations for years” she says, “the embarrassment of my legs held me back from joining in, which resulted in me living quite a lonely life.  This disease had caused me both physical and psychological pain.”  Through her research, Amanda began to realise that this was not her fault.

 Dr Lekich confirmed Amanda’s diagnosis in February 2020, Amanda had Stage 3 Lipoedmea with secondary Lymphoedema.  In the months prior to that, Amanda had become unwell and was finding herself struggling to breathe, though she hadn’t found anyone able to determine what was wrong.  She was repeatedly told that ‘it’s probably just anxiety.’  As part of Dr Lekich’s pre-surgery requirements, Amanda was referred for a transcranial doppler test, which revealed that she had a grade five hole her heart. 

Following this diagnosis Amanda decided to undergo surgery which covered the hole in her heart.

It was nine months after that, during which Amanda continued to follow conservative management measures, that she underwent her first Lipoedema-Extraction surgery with Dr Lekich.

Using a Lymph sparing technique, developed  in Germany by Dr Heck, the surgery resulted in Dr Lekich removing 7 litres of diseased fat from the anterior thighs, which was unable to be dieted or exercised away.  Seven weeks later Amanda underwent her second surgery on the posterior of the thighs, resulting in another 6.4 Litres of diseased fat being removed.  

 Amanda believes these surgeries have not only assisted with her pain and mobility but have also enabled her to regain her confidence.

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