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Case Study
Jul 26
  • (Left Image) Pre-Surgery (Right Image) Five Weeks Post Thigh Surgery

Lipoedema Surgery – Case 15

This sixty-six-year-old patient from Canberra first suspected she may have Lipoedema while on a cruise in 2015.  A staff member from the spa noticed her ankles and let her know what he thought her condition could be.

Since puberty she was always aware her legs were bigger than most other girls, however, she assumed it was due to her European heritage.  She now suspects her great grandmother also suffered from Lipoedema, and her sister believes she may also have the condition.

Due to suffering from the condition for most of her life, the patient has been through many challenges including healthcare professionals dismissing her, being unable to fit into certain clothes, unable to walk or stand for long periods, pain in the back of her legs while sitting in chairs or in the car, as well as low self-confidence.

Following a cardiac stenting six months prior to surgery, the patient’s cardiologist supported surgery to help increase mobility.

Following Dr Lekich’s conservative management protocol, the patient underwent Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapy with a physiotherapist, as well as carrying out self-MLD both prior to and post-surgery.  She also used compression garments both prior to and post-surgery.

The patient underwent her first surgery in March 2021, Lipoedema-Extraction surgery on her posterior thighs and hips.  Using a Water-Assisted, Lymph-Sparing technique, 6.6 litres of diseased fat was removed, the patient then walked out of theatre into recovery.

She hopes to be able to undergo a further two recommended surgeries in the future and looks forward to enjoying life to the fullest now she has regained mobility.

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